Welcome to the Second Annual Tenkara Winter Series and New Product Release Event hosted by Zen Fly Fishing Gear. This one day presentation series has a great line-up of incredible speakers that are top notch in the world of tenkara. They'll cover a variety of topics relevant to both the tenkara devotee and the western fly fishing enthusiasts, regardless of skill level:  Effective Tenkara Presentations Anyone Can Make; Blue Lining (finding new waters on the map) and Backcountry Tenkara; How to Capture and Improve your Fishing Pictures and; Four Dimensional Casting and Advanced Presentations.  This fixed-line method of fly fishing has taken solid hold in the fly fishing industry. Come be a part of it, expand your knolwedge and get some fantastic information. Zen Tenkara will also be unvailing new product for the 2016 season. Get a chance to see Zen's newest offerings and take advantage of TWS Specials that will only be available at this event. 

Industry leaders, educators and innovators share their knowledge, expertise and personal experiences of tenkara, fly fishing and the great outdoors in an intimate setting that encourages discussion and conversation, paired with visuals, demonstrations and a hands-on experiences. 

Our goal is to continue to educate, facilitate and propel tenkara further into the angling world. We aim to make the Tenkara Winter Series into an event that promotes great conversations, relationships, furthers peoples' knowledge and, is simply a day that people look forward to attending each year.