Long Rods, Short Line

I grew up a few miles down the road in Longmont, CO and learned to fly fish on the St. Vrain. That was long before it became nationally known. Back then, I'm sure people two counties over never fished it and people two states over never heard of it. The North, Middle and South St. Vrain are great streams for tenkara but I moved away long before I had become a tenkara bum. After leaving Colorado and before coming to New York, I lived in the Midwest, and to be honest I didn’t fish. I was young and stupid and didn’t know that bluegills got bigger than 4” long and could be a ton of fun. And smallies? Well, I just didn’t know. After moving to New York I started fishing again and it’s been downhill ever since. Now I live in New York City, and like most New Yorkers I don't have a car. I mostly fish the streams that run between the New York City water supply reservoirs. The streams are small, the fishing is good, and most fishermen drive right past them to get to the more famous rivers in the Catskills. Suits me just fine. I first heard of tenkara in 2007 and got my first tenkara rod in January 2008. I started TenkaraBum.com in the spring of 2010, initially selling tenkara lines and flies and reviewing all the tenkara rods that were then available. I bought a Shimano tenkara rod in 2011 on my first trip to Japan, and a couple Daiwas later in the year. After fishing the Daiwas I knew I had to import them. I started selling Japanese tenkara rods in January of 2012 and have since added keiryu, seiryu and tanago rods, plus hundreds of related items.