Kevin Fricke Photography

Kevin is a Colorado native and has always loved the outdoors and sports.  He got into hiking and backpacking in the late 90's and traveled all over the Western United States.  Around that same time Kevin started getting into photography after realizing he was traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Over the next decade and a half, Kevin refined his photography skills and started selling landscape prints to friends and others interested and moved by his work.  

In 2011 Kevin’s brother, Derron, who had recently learned how to fly fish, told Kevin about a method of fishing called Tenkara.   After doing some research he bought a rod, thinking that this type of fishing would fit in perfect with backpacking and outdoor adventures.  With the guidance of Derron and a friend, Mark Weber, Kevin picked up the basics of fly fishing and applied them to the Tenkara method.  His love for the outdoors is more passionate that ever and Kevin has been Tenkara fishing as much as possible ever since.  The first year Kevin got out to do sixty plus days of fishing. That snowballed to over seventy plus days of fishing the second year and over eighty plus days of fishing the third year. This year Kevin has fished more than ninety days already.  Kevin quickly realized he could combined his two passions of photography and fishing into an incredible documentation of his time on the water

About my Photography:

I have been taking landscape photos for fifteen years spanning most of the Western United States and a three week trip to Iceland.  With the help of my oldest brother Scott, who is also a photographer, I learned how to take better shots and refine my talent.  After picking up Tenkara, I quickly decided I wanted to try my hand at nature photography and have been honing my abilities over the last four years.  I also enjoy experimenting with digital art and my fish photography. Several pieces of my work are displayed and for sale at the Denver Fly Shop and many others are available for purchase privately.