Four Dimensional Casting: Advanced Presentation with Fixed Line Fishing

Rob Worthing, MD, is an avid angler, backpacker, and wilderness medical professional. An early adopter of fixed line fly fishing in the United States, he has appeared in a variety of magazines, books, television shows, and events on the subject. Rob is a certified guide and founding member of Tenkara Guides LLC, creator of TROutreach, a proud member of Team Oni USA, and one the first Americans inducted into Japan’s Harima Tenkara Club. Known in Japan by his tenkara name, “Drunken Rod”, Rob firmly believes that the harder you fish during the day, the better your IPA will taste in the evening. In the coming months, Rob’s wife will depart for her next thru-hiking adventure, leaving him a bachelor angler. So if you need a fishing partner this summer, he’s your huckleberry.