Recently, the second event in the 3-part Tenkara Winter Series was cancelled. Well, to be more accurate, the event was rescheduled due to Old Man Winter finally blowing into town. I was frustrated to say the least but also glad that Colorado was set to get some of the much needed moisture that we were so desperately lacking. The sudden change in weather created an early morning ruckus in our household, as we tried to weigh in on the accuracy of the weather report and the domino effect of inconveniences that would be caused by cancelling the evening event.  Would it actually snow as much as the meteorologist was predicting? Would people be angry? Would people drive in the weather? Would it be safe? If we rescheduled, would Kirk Deeter have another available date? Would the facility be flexible or would they charge us for the space anyway? Would we be able to reach everyone and contact them in time? What to do, what to do? Well, after what felt like a thousand phone calls, a decision was made to cancel and reschedule the event. Kirk was not feeling safe driving from his home down south and we were worried about attendees getting stuck and not being safe on their way home from the evening. We scrambled to contact people and spread the word wide and far so that no one would make an unnecessary, snowy drive. As the day progressed we felt more and more confident in our decision as being the prudent and responsible thing to do. Even more reaffirming were the “thank you’s” we were getting as people heard the news. In the end, I think we made the right choice. No one seemed frustrated and many were relieved….and just to be sure no one would be left in the dark, Adam and I drove to the La Quinta where the event was scheduled to take place and planted ourselves in the lobby for an hour in an effort to catch any unsuspecting anglers. Two. That’s the number of people who showed up and had not heard the news. Nervously I asked where they were from. One gentlemen said he lived about a mile away, and the second gentleman had actually walked to the event he lived so close. I almost fell on my knees! I was so thankful that only two people had not heard the news and amazingly, they only lived a stone’s throw away from the venue. To top that, they took the rescheduling of the event in stride, with grace and understanding. I took a long sigh.

The next task was figuring what to do next. When was the event location available? When was Kirk available? When were we available? Well, several options were considered, but not as many as one might think, due to the multiple schedules we were working with. In the end a plan was made. We would combine the February event with the March event since many were already planning to attend this day anyway. The event location was available. Kirk was available. Chris Stewart even suggested the idea and, it might add a whole new twist and energy into the last date of this year's Tenkara Winter Series. Hours had to be changed because we now had twice the material to cover. In the end, I think it will be good, great in fact! The March 21st event will begin at noon and will include both Kirk Deeter and Chris Stewart as well as both artists, Anthony Naples and Mark Boname. We’ll also have 3 or 4 fly tyers including Joseph (Joe) Egry, Michael McFarland and Chris Krueger with the possibility of another. We also are planning a discussion panel after both presentations so people can ask questions and get different views or takes, on the same topic. This should be dynamic and an incredible opportunity to learn something new from some of the best. The March event will go until about 6pm.

Oddly, I’m looking forward to this last event with even more excitement. To have that much knowledge and experience in the room will surely be fantastic. I feel horrible for inconveniencing anyone. I am hoping everyone who intended to come and may have scanned their personal calendar in March, will still be able to come even though hours have been changed. In the end, I do believe we are offering more “bam for your buck”……which still is going to Trout Unlimited – a great cause. Come out and be a part of this charged and exciting event. Hear from both ends of the spectrum, a traditionalist, and anything but. See outdoor and angling photography from incredibly talented artists. Mingle, talk and witness some amazing fly tying. The Tenkara Winter Series is back on and even BETTER!